Pool Table

In addition to physical strength, moving a pool table requires excellent carpentry skills and the tools and equipment used to remove the table. After that, you should contact any physically fit friends or family members. It should require a minimum of four of them.

Assemble all the equipment, supplies, and tools needed to move the table.
Gathering the equipment and tools required to relocate the table should be the first step in your undertaking. A power drill, socket wrench, moving blanket, screwdrivers, staple pullers, etc. should all be included in your toolbox. These goods are easily obtained from supply stores. Simply make a list and go shopping for the items on it. If you don’t already have the necessary tools and equipment, don’t plan on relocating the pool table.

For the table, hire a nice moving truck.

You require a large ute or a vehicle. A table cannot be moved in your personal vehicle. A pool table can be 7 feet, 8 feet, or 9 feet in size. As a result, no typical vehicle can be used to move the table. For this, you’ll need to hire a truck. Renting a pickup truck from OZZIEE MOVERS would be ideal for relocating your pool table from your home to the new location you have in mind. Make sure it’s a pickup truck, though, and that neither the driver nor anybody else in the truck will help you move. You’ll have to do the task by yourself. They’ll just aid in getting the table into the vehicle. To discover a truck rental service that is affordable, check with the OZZIEE MOVERS review and satisfy yourself.

Dismantling the pool table
The pool table must first be disassembled. As it stands, the table cannot be moved. To make it easier to go through the door without causing any hardship, you must first remove its components. A fundamental understanding of pool table construction is necessary in order to disassemble a billiard table.

What happens if you forget a few screws or another tiny element that can be extremely difficult to locate?
The first step is to remove the staples from each of the table’s six ball pockets. To remove the pockets if they are screwed, you will need a decent quality screwdriver. Now get a socket wrench and work on the pool table’s side rails. To prevent losing them, group all the screws and bolts together in a box. The felt covering the top of the pool table must then be removed.
Take each staple gently with the aid of a staple remover.
Make sure to avoid damaging yourself and the felt by not ripping it off.
The table’s slates are the following. The slates weigh at least 400 pounds each, so use caution. Here, you’ll need your friends to help you lift and remove the objects. You need a power drill to detach these slates because they are screwed to the table. Once the screws are out, gently raise the slate to remove them. After that, you can take the table’s legs and main body off. For easier access, you might have to turn the table upside-down.

Put the billiards table in the truck.
Once the table has been broken down into its component parts, be sure to wrap each one in a protective covering for further security while traveling. Good-quality packaging materials are required. Bubble wrap can be used to protect the components. Moving blankets are an option. The slates weigh a tremendous amount. You will therefore require more physical strength to lift and put them onto the vehicle. While loading, the sensitive pieces require care and protection. Be careful not to damage any components when you load the truck. You should also think about driving carefully. You have two options: either hire the truck only and drive yourself, or hire the truck and the drivers.

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