Are you relocating your business? There is much to be done (trust us, we know). You must ensure that your new office is functional for your firm and that all loose ends at the previous location are wrapped up.

Here are some of our best ideas for moving your company from one location to another that they- OZZIEE MOVERS suggests to use.

  1. Declutter

Any time you spend getting rid of things you don’t need before you move is time well spent. That ancient filing cabinet overflowing with paper documents? It’s time to become digital. Things are going to become hectic, but we guarantee that investing the manpower now will save you time both before and after the changeover.

  1. Preparation

What are your plans for the trip? What will you be getting rid of? What plan do you have to get rid of it? Do you really want to bring that old printer with you? Is it possible for you to leave that awkward Jim behind?

  1.  Set a budget

When you know exactly what you’re moving and when you’re moving it, you can start getting bids. Check out some websites to see if you can find a removalist that is dependable and aligns with your company’s values, such as Holloway Removals. Can you afford to hire a removalist to pack your belongings for you? Obtain bids for it as well. Your crew has plenty to deal with without having to bother about bubble wrap or labelling staplers.

  1.  Team preparation

Make sure your team understands what they’re about to walk into before you move in. If you’ve gone from an old-style office with closed doors to a new, open-plan office with elbow-to-elbow proximity to the next person, you might encounter some resistance to your plans. Make the transition for your team as simple as possible. Inform them of what they’ll find and ask their assistance in making the room their own.

  1.  Should you downsize or upsize?

Isn’t it true that downsizing always saves money? Wrong. Take into account the opportunity cost. Is there enough room in the new office for all of your belongings? Will people be content   with a smaller space?

What if your company expands? What about the time it takes to sell all you own? There’s a lot you can do to make downsizing easier if you think about these things ahead of time, such as having a charity come and collect up your belongings.

Upsizing is the polar opposite of downsizing. Consider what you’ll need to keep your workspace from feeling like a vast void.

  1.  Revise the location information

What happened to the client? Because you didn’t notify them you relocated, they’re two blocks away at your old office? You should think about this for a bit ahead of time.

Changing your address on Google is a good start, but it may not be enough if someone shows up a second time and believes they know exactly where you are. If you have a client-facing team, post signs around the office. Make sure your social media pages are up to date, and that your previous address is no longer visible online.

  1.  Put it into action

It’s time to get going. You’ve got a whole team of people on your hands, so why not use them? Wrong. We’ve previously discussed why you should always use a removals firm. Unless you’re a mover in Perth or any other area, your employees are most likely better at their day jobs.

Plus, you have to compensate them for their assistance in some way. You shouldn’t expect much passion or care, either, because they have a day job for a reason.

  1.  Make an effort to communicate

If you’ve done a good job on step 5, making sure everyone knows you’ve relocated shouldn’t be an issue. But now is the moment to double-check. There’s only one thing worse than a consumer not realising you’ve relocated: them thinking you’ve gone out of business. Please don’t let this happen. Ensure that no one has been neglected along the way by checking in on a regular basis. This isn’t even awkward.

  1.  Go over everything again.

What worked and what didn’t work? We hope you’ve found a nice space and won’t have to relocate any time soon. Because all businesses fluctuate and evolve, you’ll need to know what worked and what didn’t if you need to relocate again.

  1.  Give feedback

This is a fantastic opportunity to provide input on other people’s methods. For example, office movers in Perth or any other place will always be appreciative for any comments that a client is prepared to provide.

OZZIEE MOVERS provide five star moving services in Perth to make sure their customers relocate without any stress and in a super simple and stress free manner. Make sure to check out their amazing services.

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